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Your pets need more than processed food to maintain optimal health. For dogs and cats, raw, nutrient-dense diets like our Detailed Raw Formula for Dogs and Detailed Raw Formula for Cats provide everything they need in a species appropriate diet.

Fermented foods are healthier and safer than just “raw” foods and have more enzymes and nutrients created during the fermentation process. This promotes healthy gut and digestion while also protecting the food from harmful bacteria.

Nutrients are also pre-digested by good bacteria, making them easier to assimilate. These bacteria help restore health and balance to the microbiome, which is the body’s first defense against disease and chronic conditions.

A great fresh raw diet is the best natural medicine and first line of defense.

How do I thaw Answers Raw Food Formulas?

We recommend either thawing our packaged food upright in the refrigerator on a protective plate or bowl which will take approximately 24 hours, or thawing it in a sink at room temperature which will take approximately 6-10 hours depending on the amount. You can thaw, portion, and refreeze our products if desired. We recommend using safe, temperature-resistant glass storage containers to limit plastic exposure.

What's the difference between detailed and straight formulas?

Our Detailed Formulas for Dogs and Cats have a complete and balanced formulation, providing everything that pets need for optimal health. Our Straight Formula for Dogs is a limited-ingredient diet ideal for pets with sensitivities such as allergies, or health conditions that require a more controlled, limited diet. It is not complete and balanced, however it can be by adding a daily serving of one of our milks. We also recommend adding one of our bone stocks.

Can I refreeze Fermented Raw Products?

Yes. While we encourage you to thaw and use our products straight away, they can be safely refrozen for portion control and feeding convenience.

How long can food sit out at room temperature?

Conservatively 12 hours for fermented raw milks and bone broths. 10 hours for meat products. 24 hours for raw cheese and raw feet treats.

Shipping Information

We now directly to your door for customers in all Contiguous US States! We are still limited to locations within a 3-Day UPS Ground delivery zone.

Since our UPS delivery times are not guaranteed over the weekend, orders to some locations will be held to ship the following Monday.

Shipping Days By Estimated Time in Transit

1 Day Shipments

Monday - Thursday

2 Day Shipments

Monday - Wednesday

3 Day Shipments

Monday and Tuesday

4 Day Shipments

There are certain rural areas inside of states that we ship to that require an extra day in transit. These orders will only be shipped on Mondays to avoid being held over the weekend.

Once orders are processed and leave our facility, shipping tracking numbers will be added to your order information.

How Long Will My Order Take to Ship?

Please refer to the above shipping map for estimated ship time to your location. Please allow 24 hours processing time.

We line our shipping boxes with biodegradable cooler insulation and add 5 lbs of dry ice per estimated day(s) in transit, per box in your order. We add a bit extra in the summer!

We have found this method to do a great job of keeping your product frozen by the time it gets to your door.

If your shipment arrives thawed or partially thawed, as long as the product has remained at refrigerated temperatures or below, it is still 100% safe to refreeze or feed straight away!

We of course value our customers' and their pets' satisfaction above all and if you have any questions or concerns with your order please contact us at and we will do our best to take care of any issues right away.

Certain states have added or even restricting regulation on the sale of raw milk.

North Carolina requires label modification and for Vermont, Texas*, and Nevada (not yet in our shipping zone), beta carotene adds a splash of orange color. They feel this distinguishes pet products as "not for human consumption" and allows us to distribute our raw milk products in the states. Click here to buy raw milk products specific to these states.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts recently expanded their prohibitive laws on the sale of raw milk to include pet food. We are currently unable to ship our Raw Goat Milk, Raw Cow Kefir, and Cheese Bites to the state.

We will continue to work alongside pet and agricultural advocates who believe the expansion of these laws should be reversed.

We finally have shipping available to the entire Lower 48 States in the USA!



***We cannot ship to PO Box addresses due to UPS restrictions. Orders placed to PO Boxes will be cancelled and customers will be alerted.***

Shipping Map

Yellow Zone - 1 Day Shipping

Blue Zone - 2 Day Shipping

Orange Zone - 3 Day Shipping

For more information and education on raw fermented foods for cats and dogs please head to


We make every effort to avoid or minimize the use of plastics in every stage of food production and storage


We've expanded our shipping to cover all of the Lower 48 US States!


We work towards 100% customer satisfaction. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at